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The first priority of KNOMA is proving training courses for managers, policy makers and decision makers of public and private banks so that they be able to apply new approaches of modern banking system, increase capacity and power of their branches, create innovative policies and strategies which satisfies interests of banks and customers, and finally to improve analytical skills, technical knowledge transfer and promotion of professional competence. These training programs take place in the form of short- and long-term vocational courses, as well as in the e-learning mode, with the collaboration of universities and higher education banking institutions from Germany, England and.

With the aim of knowledge transfer and establishment of new knowledge and its applications, KNOMA provides certificates issued by universities and higher education institutions. Some of these universities and institutions of higher education include: 


  • Frankfurt School of Management and Finance ( Germany),

  • University Malaysia Maltese media,

  • University of Electronic,

  • Banking institution in Malaysia  ,

  • International Center for Islamic Banking Training  ,

  • Malaysia Insurance Institute.


Knowledge Management Institute, relying on its international links, has always tried to provide the most appropriate educational services to its clients while doing its best satisfy the needs of banks, insurance and financial and credit institutions. Knowledge Management Institute has four professional and vocational training schools:


  • School of Banking,

  • School of Insurance,

  • School of Management,

  • School of Information Technology.


Schools of Knowledge Management Institute have been established with the aim of sharing and transferring knowledge and providing training courses to develop professional competence in Middle East . Knowledge Management Institute is trying to create mutual understanding with different professional institutes to provide joint training courses. The executive programs include relatively wide range of professional short courses (1 day a week) and long-term vocational training courses (6 months to 2 years) in the areas of banking, insurance, management, and information technology. The executive programs include


  • Continuous Workshop Training,

  • Executive Certificate,

  • Executive Diploma,

  • Executive Bachelor, 

  • Executive Master.


Executive training courses which are interesting to clients from public and private organizations are provided in this type of training. Young employees feeling a need to strengthen their skills and deepen their knowledge in their own business may start their upgrading process by taking advantage of our Executive Certificate or Executive Diploma as a platform for receiving further training. Master and Bachelor programs are also open to those employees that would like to move further in developing their professional skills.